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Carace, because we believe that there was certainly to some irregularities, we do not know which side – told PAP Lubnauer. «We have no doubt that breaking the contract mode Caracale, then attempt to order helicopters in the tender procedure raises a number of concerns about whether anyone had any interest in this» – dodala.zobacz the CBA analyzes ws notice. Tender for helicopters the army; will control »Modern deputy head assessed that the effect of MON ws. Carace was not for the interest of Polish action. She said that it is «an opportunity to sabotage Polish army rearmament.» «Let us remember that the lack of helicopters is consolidating Polish vulnerability to threats, which are our eastern neighbors» – she noted. The submission by the club PO application ws ws set up a committee of inquiry. Tender for helicopters said Friday the head of the club PO Slawomir Neumann.

The proposal concerns the entire tender procedure. PO leader Grzegorz Schetyna called for the creation of a commission to the chairman of Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Prime Minister Beata Awl and Minister of Justice, Attorney General Zbigniew Ziobry.zobacz also: PO: You are requested to set up a committee of inquiry ws. Tender for helicopters »At the beginning of October 2016. Ministry development, which led negotiations offset informed about the talks ws. H225M Caracal helicopters, recognizing further negotiations – started in September 2015. – as pointless. According to the government offer Airbus did not protect the economic interests and security of Polish and proposed offset value was lower than expected. The signing of the offset agreement was the conclusion of a contract for helicopters.

Last week, Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz announced that the Special’s troops in the coming months will be supplied Black Hawk machines. On Tuesday, Defense Ministry announced a new procedure for the purchase of helicopters under urgent operational need. According to the ministry will be able to participate in all the three entities that participated in the tender. Details of the agreement are not yet known. On Wednesday, the head of the Russian state corporation Rostiech (Rostec) Sergei Chemezov told the «Kommersant» that Turkey will receive four batteries of S-400, and the first deliveries will begin in March 2020 year.

As he said, Turkey is the first NATO country, who buys an advanced missile system S-400. Negotiations on the purchase of the most modern Russian anti-aircraft missiles from Turkey ran for over a year. According to the United States and some other NATO member states was a sign of disregard for the principles of allied cooperation. It was also pointed that S-400 is not suitable for integration with the defense systems of NATO, to which Turkey responded that the North Atlantic Alliance did not submit its favorable cost-effective alternative to Russian missiles. The Pentagon previously expressed concern about the desire to buy Russian systems Ankara. According to the US Turkey should explain with your intention to purchase Russian missile systems.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in turn, marked the couple of months ago that Washington does not understand the anxiety, since each state should take steps to ensure their safety. «Greece uses the (Russian) systems S-300 and US are not worried. Why then moves them our cooperation with Russia?» – then rhetorically asked Erdogan. Greece is also a member of NATO. According to sources of the Russian S-400 is capable of destroying missiles and aircraft maneuvering at a distance of 400 kilometers, and ballistic targets at speeds up to 4.8 km / s over a distance of 60 kilometers. (PAP) ron / ap / Pip Warsaw for tourism, for sport and recreation and open to the Warsaw Masurian lakes – Dac said. He explained that next year is planned to build on the Warsaw section of the Vistula spurs and regulatory structures – it will cost about 0.5 million zl. «We will improve navigation conditions, but we are still dependent on the water level, because in Warsaw, especially in recent years are low and this prevents states shipping units» – stwierdzil.zobacz also Sejm passed the law establishing the company Polish Wooden Houses »» Further work on the reconstruction of the route of the Stefan Batory to the Mazury lakes. we are working now in the port of Ostroleka, deepen it to open Ostroleka. subsequently, we will work on the Narew, reinforcing edges, deepening the river bed. the cost is about 200 million zl «- he added. Dac said that the river Pisa will be the next step in upgrading the route from Warsaw to Masurian lakes. «There, in addition to the regulatory work, dredging, will require the construction of at least two backwater, including Pisz,» – he explained. Sasin commented on Monday in radio «Signals Day» among others Platform activists protest before the court which decided on a three-month detention for Gawlowski. «You can see how the password for the OP means the independence of the courts,» – stressed the Minister. «When the court issues a decision, as in this case, on the arrest of Stanislaus Gawlowski, this independence of the court ceases to have meaning.

It appears that the courts take the bad decisions that you have to manifest, you need to oppose» – said Sasin. «Poland has no equal and more equal, everyone is equal before the law, regardless of whether it is an ordinary Kowalski, or an important politician. If you committed a crime, the law must be to him equally applied, and perhaps even more severely,» – said the Minister. see also: the Court decided three months in jail for deputy Stanislaw Gawlowski »He admitted that the vote in the Senate, when it was agreed to retain the PiS Senator Stanislaw Kogut,» should not happen «. «It can not be that senators defend one of his colleagues,» – rating. According Sasin vote on the waiver of immunity, if consent for the retention, also in the Senate, should be public. On Sunday evening Szczecin court decided that the secretary-general and deputy Stanislaw Gawlowski spend in detention the next three months. He filed a request for arrest and prosecution. Gawlowski Defender, attorney. Roman Giertych rated the court’s decision as «bad» and announced the submission of a complaint.

Platform deputy was arrested on Friday; This day also heard in the prosecution of five charges, including three of corruption. They relate to the period when Gawlowski was deputy minister of environmental protection in the governments of the PO-PSL. He was then taken as a bribe at least 175 thousand in cash and two watches worth almost 25 thousand. About taken by the Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Gdansk decisions about preventive measures told PAP on Wednesday evening the spokesman Maciej Zaleski. He explained that in relation to the two suspects – former CEO Pawel Olechnowicz (the suspect agreed to its administration by the media data) and an entrepreneur Thomas S. – a decision was made for a referral to a court application for provisional arrest.

In turn, because two other suspects – Deputy Director General of Lotus and the head of the organization in the company of Martha Z. – libertarian measures have been taken – said the spokesman. On Tuesday morning, the CBA detained the former chairman of Lotus, Deputy Director-General, the manageress of one of the organizational units of the company and the entrepreneur conducting business activity in the field of business consulting. Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Gdansk set stopped accusations of causing Lotos SA «significant damage to property in the amount not less than 246,000 pounds through the conclusion, in 2011, with one of the external entities, fictitious contract for the provision of advisory services». Spokesman informed that the advisory services agreement «has been concluded while bypassing the existing company procedures for negotiating the purchase mode». For committing an act of art. 296 p. Is punishable by 2 to 8 years in prison.

During a joint press conference the police and the prosecutor’s office reported that the two men – Aleksandr Petrov and Ruslan Boszyrow – have approx. 40 years and repeatedly used pseudonyms and false identities. Investigators are not able to determine with certainty whether the names given by them are also prawdziwe.zobacz Julia Skripal: We’re lucky that we survived »Sergei Skripal released from the hospital» Among the charges is set for the Russians, among others, Sergei Skripala attempted murder, his daughter Julia and Nick Bailey policeman, and possession and use of nerve-center of seizures Nowiczok contrary to provisions on the use of chemical weapons. On the basis of this evidence, the British authorities decided to issue a national and a European arrest warrant. Also plan to send out information about the two men in the framework of Interpol. Investigators determined that Petrov and Boszyrow arrived at Gatwick airport south of London on March 2 aircraft airline Aeroflot, and flew on March 4 in the evening. During this time, until twice visited Salisbury, the town where he lived Skripal: once on March 3 as part of reconnaissance and the second time on March 4, when they used Nowiczoka on the front door of his apartment.

Police reassures that the presence of attackers on board the aircraft, trains or public transport services do not pose a threat to bystanders. During a search of their hotel room in East London Nowiczoka discovered traces of which, however, were also not dangerous to health. As established, Skripala to attack the attackers probably used a specially modified, counterfeit perfume packaging «Premier Jour» by Nina Ricci, where the deadly substance transported to the UK. See also: Skripal visited in 2012 secretly Prague »United Kingdom Julia Skripal discharged from the hospital» Fixing these details became possible when, in June two people were taken to hospital in Salisbury in critical condition after contact with Nowiczokiem located in the found bottle. One of them, 44-year-old Dawn Sturgess, died as a result of contact with a toxic agent. Investigators warned, however, that despite detailed searches are not able to rule out the existence of another Nowiczokiem contaminated items and appealed to residents of Salisbury not to touch any unfamiliar items on the ground.

At the same time it published a series of photos showing the city monitoring the two men during their stay in the UK. An appeal to all who have seen them to make contact with investigators. The March attack on Skripala sparked one of the biggest crises in the diplomatic relations between Britain and Russia since the Cold War and led to the expulsion of more than 120 Russian diplomats from Western countries, including the United States and EU countries. As he noted, since October 2017 has been effective regulation, which defines the quality standards for boilers. According to it, from 1 July 2018 under Poland can not make the market worse than fifth issue pecs (the cleanest) domestic boilers. This is one of the elements of the fight against smog.

Peter janitor explained that the regulation was modeled on the provisions of the EU Ecodesign Directive, which will become effective January 1, 2020 year. The Directive states that certain products must meet minimum requirements for energy efficiency, thus reducing the negative impact on the environment. «We have introduced these provisions 2.5 years earlier than in the EU. However, after observing how this regulation is applied, we saw that there are loopholes used by some manufacturers, retailers and market unclassified boilers. It is such . for the sale of poor quality boilers as biomass boilers non-wood «- said the janitor. Loophole in the law allows, for example.

The purchase of a boiler with a high emissivity originally intended for combustion of straw or hay, and then smoking it in other fuels. In such furnaces, boilers, in contrast to the fifth generation, you can also burn waste. Proxy explained that the draft amendment to the regulation in this case and the amendment Environmental Protection Law «close the gate». Disappear boilers that produce heat exclusively on the need to provide hot water, as well as some non-wood biomass stoves. «It took some time, but we reached an agreement with all the ministries and in the coming days a draft regulation will be submitted for notification to the European Commission» – he said. He added that the notification will last three months and in the next, short story boiler regulation should enter into force.

The new regulation has not apply to boilers: for heating and distributing the gaseous heat carriers, such as steam or air; CHP solid fuel with a rated output power of not less than 50 kW; with a rated output of more than 100 kW of power manual balotami straw. (PAP) by Michael Boron Kyiv, on Tuesday when asked on the radio ZET about the last material «Wprost», which shows that the total arrears due nieplaconych maintenance of over 220 thousand. zl, he stated that «the idea is to kill the Kiev newspaper». «I do not claim to Wprost writes that the truth, I’m talking about the fact that this material is written in such a way as SB Tribune wrote once to various libels» – said the leader CODE. In his opinion it is «evident element of the witch-hunt». «There is no possibility that the accident happened suddenly that within two weeks another jump this type of materials» – dodal.Na question, whose action is, Kyiv replied: «Certainly if anyone think CODE mind today, it is not difficult to find those who wanted to destroy the CODE-u «. «I think that first of all, the ruling party has an interest in this course, so CODE did not exist» – podkreslil.Wedlug him, this is due to the fact that the «CODE is a major social force that is able to mobilize people and to protest against violations of the law.» see also: Protest CODE before the Metropolitan police station ws. the publication of images of demonstrators [VIDEO] »inquired whether he thought that behind the actions of the ruling party, said:» for many months we have signals directly that we are the focus of special services Polish, and that we are the main enemy – the number one. » «We have signals from service mainly deal with us. The biggest personal and financial resources are going to fight the I-CODE» – he added Kijowski.Zapytany, whether it considers that the special services do not actually have nothing better to do than focus on KOD- zie, he replied: «If many months, more than a year, we are recognized as the main opponent of the ruling party, it is difficult to expect that it was not» .Lider CODE noted that some hypotheses who has sent out documents, but does not know who, because they will not be betrayed. He argued that «surely there must be someone in the organization.» «Of course it is clear that when this type of organization is created, always appear in this group some people who did not come there of their own volition, but have been sent» – wskazal.Kijowski asked whether suggests that CODE is a mole special services , estimated that «somewhere in the structure for sure.» «There are definitely, it would be strange if it was not» – he added.

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