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Carace, because we believe that there was certainly to some irregularities, we do not know which side – told PAP Lubnauer. «We have no doubt that breaking the contract mode Caracale, then attempt to order helicopters in the tender procedure raises a number of concerns about whether anyone had any interest in this» – dodala.zobacz the CBA analyzes ws notice. Tender for helicopters the army; will control »Modern deputy head assessed that the effect of MON ws. Carace was not for the interest of Polish action. She said that it is «an opportunity to sabotage Polish army rearmament.» «Let us remember that the lack of helicopters is consolidating Polish vulnerability to threats, which are our eastern neighbors» – she noted. The submission by the club PO application ws ws set up a committee of inquiry. Tender for helicopters said Friday the head of the club PO Slawomir Neumann.

The proposal concerns the entire tender [...]

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