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Therefore, you wish to see how to inform what gender a beardie is? Discovering your bearded dragon’s sex might seem a bit complicated in the beginning, however it simply takes just a little information and training.

Fortunately, you can find 3 ways to look for the dragon gender that is bearded.

  1. Search for hemipenal bulges
  2. Find femoral skin pores
  3. Glance at real characteristics

The initial means is one of accurate method. And that’s to find hemipenal bulges. Which will be found nearby the base of one’s dragon’s that is bearded end. You will need to try to find a body that is distinctive on your own bearded dragon’s unders

You can literally use a flashlight to shine some light on the issue if you need to confirm the sex of your bearded dragon.

Finding femoral skin pores could be the second good solution to determine the sex of one’s [...]

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