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You will be ready and married to begin your lifetime together into the U.S. Nevertheless, as being a foreign nationwide, you need to apply for a partner visa (marriage-based green card) first. This short article centers on the card that is green for U.S. residents sponsoring partners living abroad, commonly described as consular processing.

Comprehending the Spouse Visa

The initial step in the act is trying to get a visa that is immigrant. There are two main kinds of immigrant visas for spouses living abroad:

  • Conditional Resident Spouse Visa (CR-1)
  • Immediate spouse that is relative (IR-1)

The procedures are exactly the same for trying to get a resident that is conditional an instantaneous general. The only distinction between the 2 could be the amount of time which you are hitched. You may be qualified to receive conditional residency for those who have been hitched for under couple of years. You will get [...]

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