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Kody Brown can be your typical man from Las Vegas, NV – aside from one detail that is small. He has got four spouses: Meri, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn. This unconventional household is the main focus associated with the TLC show Sister Wives , which sets off to describe how a sis spouses wedding works. Legally speaking, wedding can only just exist between two people, but the sister wives guidelines are various. The Apostolic United Brethren, polygamy is permitted and men often have multiple wives in their church. Brown himself is just legitimately hitched to 1 girl; the other unions are religious, but addressed as binding.

This sibling spouses wedding is known as unconventional, and large amount of rules use with regards to joining the Brown family members. A few of the rules the sister wives follow seem reasonable, like rearing young ones together and making choices as a team. Other laws, nonetheless, may appear [...]

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