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Is this a space that is safe?

(Caveat — that I am able to keep in mind, which I’m notorious for perhaps maybe maybe not doing). We ended up being… enough years of age, as well as for some reason why evening, when I lay my weary head upon my pillow, we drifted into slumber susceptible to some X-rated thoughts about… Robbie Williams.

Yes, the bawdy, slick-haired, ‘00s British crooner — “I’m loving angels instead” and all sorts of that — ended up being the main topic of my first and only sex dream. We don’t also like Robbie Williams that much. He’s maybe not, like, my man. I don’t understand what strange, topsy-turvy annals of my head called forth their face as well as, um, their human body into my goals that night, just as if summoned by the horn of Gondor itself. But come he did and, to borrow the phrasing of [...]

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