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Here her father was told by Habibulla to find a bride for him as well that they came to Kashmir. When he returned he brought their niece Rukhsana along without telling her moms and dads. Had he informed her moms and dad they too may have reported a share.

After per year, like Shahnawaz, she additionally went back once again to house and came across her moms and dads along with her son or daughter and husband.

She will not inform exactly how much her husband paid her uncle, but generally speaking, the quantity differs between rupees five thousand to thirty thousand.

Generally in most of this situations girls are unaware that they’re likely to be hitched, however their moms and dads or often family relations sell them.

Nisar Ahmad, resident of downtown Srinagar, is an agent whom manages to bring these girls to Kashmir.

“These asiandate girls originate from inadequate families, mostly from West-Bengal [...]

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