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Exactly exactly What software that is formatting (if any) do you utilize for documents. I prefer PERRLA since it’s cheap and is sold with 3 licenses. It really works ideal for formatting, but i’ve been taking a look at other people for the citation databases. Eazypaper looks good, it is costly (membership model) plus it’s simple to use, it is simplistic.

I understand Endnote may be the «standard» but can be costly, and appears hideously associated with a learning curve that is huge.

Just what exactly would you make use of?

AcronymAllergy Neuropsychologist

I mightn’t say Endnote is «hideously» involved, but its perhaps perhaps not simple. Like AA, we have it for «nearly» free ($10) through my college. I have heard good stuff about Mendeley, but have not tried it.

The main disadvantage to Endnote is that it’s SUPER buggy, and frequently makes me personally attempting to toss my computer/their development staff out a [...]

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