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This has been billed among the major face-offs for the NATO summit, also it had nothing in connection with troops in Afghanistan or relations with Russia.

No, it was the breathlessly anticipated minute on Friday whenever two of the very most scrutinized ladies on earth — Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy — finally met, into the grandeur of a palace that is 18th-century Strasbourg, France.

Just on a daily basis earlier in the day, the airwaves was indeed filled up with dissections of Mrs. Obama’s conference in London with Queen Elizabeth II — the way the two had fused, despite just just just what some in Britain implied ended up being a mild faux pas from the lady that is first section of draping her supply shortly round the monarch.

All respect that is due the queen. But abruptly on Friday that tale seemed so, well . yesterday.

«Fashion Face-off,» composed Britain’s Guardian paper associated [...]

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